Karaush™ Adel Babysling

Autmn-Winter 2016 collection

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Unique Slavic Collection!

Special for Karaush™ babyslings
Karaush Adel Elegance

Perfect fabric composition for any season.

Cool in summer, warm in winter!

38% bamboo, 62% cotton or

60% cotton, 17% wool, 23% silk.

Fabrics density is 289gpm

13 different colours of Summer collection:

  • Adel Cranberry
  • Adel Green Apple
  • Adel Lilac
  • Adel Sky
  • Adel Toffee
  • Adel Elegance
  • Adel Sakura
  • Adel Orange
  • Adel Sun
  • Adel Mint
  • Adel Baked Milk
  • Adel Moss
  • Adel Forest

11 different colours of Autmn-Winter collection:

  • Adel Dogwood (NEW!!!)
  • Adel Maple
  • Adel Plum Branch
  • Adel Turquoise
  • Adel Gerbera
  • Adel Giraffe
  • Adel Blueberry Pie
  • Adel First Snow
  • Adel Chocolate
  • Adel Black Сoffee
  • Adel Frost

Two limited colours

For only few products
for real babysling fans!

Adel Green Apple

Adel Moss

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Perfect quality of products!

All materials and products are certified

EAC LennyLamb EAC Karaush Adel

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